Monday, November 9, 2009

Woodland wall art..a free and easy art idea

Hey there! Woodland Wall Art is a favourite of mine, partly because it looks great in my woodlandy home! This idea works for all abilities and the hardest bit is knot tying, which is a skill worth mastering for anyone!

Find 4 sticks from the ground around old trees and some string, raffia, wool or embroidery silk. Lay the sticks down in a frame shape and bind the edges, wrapping your chosen product around the sticks as they meet and tying securely.

For the centre, anything goes. We drew natural images in charcoal, tore the edges for a rough effect and made holes in each corner. Using the same string, we tied the pictures to the frames. Add extra string to hang and there you have it. A free, effective, ecologically happy piece of art!

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