Thursday, December 19, 2013


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Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas crochet

And for my last Christmas post before I take a break, here is a selection of crocheted holly!

Parchment Embossing for Christmas

2013 had me discover Parchment Embossing- to the point where I was teaching adult groups at Rawlins. These examples of Christmas themes are just lovely and for me makes the craft a little more contemporary. You need some kits for this- parchment paper, a soft surface, an embossing tool and perhaps some images to trace with a white gel pen, but it's not too expensive and it's so relaxing and rewarding. Try it!

The TRADITIONAL activity of the season!

Balls made from old Christmas cards, or in this case, cool craft paper (I had a moment of being a craft snob there!)- this one is straight from yesteryear when we all recycled and kids were kept entertained with activities and imagination rather than a screen (that sounded more bitter than I meant!). For this, you cut 20 identically sized circles out and carefully fold each circle into a triangle with equal sides. Glue the bent sides together until you have formed a ball. For better instructions, see Maker Mamma at:

The BEST Christmas activity of the year

Introducing....the origami Christmas tree- a triumph in design- this has easily been my favourite activity of the season! After discovering it on Pinterest (if you don't know what Pinterest is, Google it NOW, it will enhance your life!) I have been on a mission to teach everyone how to make them. Arts Award groups, post 16s, my parents, my children, my colleagues...

Friday, November 8, 2013

Vinyl Spiders

Take an old and *really bad* record, hang it up with yarn, bulk out it's top with tissue paper, add big scary or silly eyes and 8 spindly legs and- voila- a massive spider to hang from your ceiling! Visitors to Rawlins Academy will spot this in my window at the moment!

Ethiopian animals by student

One of my students has painted these for me because I'm off to Ethiopia soon! How beautiful they are- certainly worthy of a post!