Friday, November 13, 2009

First ad for after school club NEXT TERM

Please note: we are not taking bookings quite yet for this, but I wanted you to hear about it FIRST!
5 to 14
4 - 5pm
8 wks
Urban Art is a brand new and exciting course designed especially for children and young people. It will provide an opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of materials and the chance to try out methods of printmaking and photography. Looking at artists such as Banksy, Adam Neate and Mark Jenkins will broaden the participant’s experiences and provide inspiration for art works.

Graffiti style image and word making, abstract photography, printmaking, graphic design and installations will form the basis of this 8 week course. Each young artist will learn new techniques, access specialist equipment and produce pieces of art to be proud of.

The following schedule is a guideline and subject to alterations based on access to specialist equipment and creative practitioners:

Week one: An introduction to urban and street art, introducing key artists and their work. Designing names in experimental styles using mixed media including vinyl and chalks.

Week two: Photographing each other’s faces and using the computers and printers to manipulate images and create stencils.

Week three: Using the stencils created last session, printing faces onto a variety of surfaces for different effects. Using slogans to portray personal messages as part of the artwork.

Week four: Experimenting with the concept of the installation and forming unusual formations of objects for photographing. Thinking about abstract and quirky messages. Using cameras and tripods for a professional result.

Week five: Printing images from last week and mounting and framing them in interesting ways. Adding slogans using stencilling techniques.

Week six: Graffiti and urban art images workshop with experimentations on images, lettering and styles. Visiting professional and local artist to run this session, talk about his work and guide the participants.

Week seven: Producing canvas paintings based on the graffiti workshop form last week.

Week eight: Finish off and drinks and nibbles! Watch slide show of the course. Certificates awarded.

If you would like any further information, please call Hayley Fern on 01509 622817 or email

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