Thursday, January 6, 2011


3D art attacks! Starting NEXT THURSDAY!

Project based after school club allowing children and young people to work on larger scale projects based on some of the ‘Art Attack’ ideas. Each member of the group will be offered a range of choices and can spend as long as they need on any of the projects. They may also tackle as many projects as they wish! All materials and guidance will be provided. The choices will include:

‘Animal head’ set of shelves
Cute cottage
Fake cake
Octopus wall hanger
Egyptian cat door stop

As well as the above, each week we will introduce different techniques and ideas including ‘designing projects’, ‘drawing in 3D’, ‘painting effects’ and ‘constructing from cardboard’.

As ever, the participants will always be listened to and their requests included in the programme! This is suitable for all ages (from 5 and up) and projects will be tailored to the individual.

Please call Rawlins community office to book or for more information email Hayley on

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